The Big Orange

Dress- 1990s Vintage:: Shoes- Thrifted :: Market Bag- Vintage:: Sunglasses- Thrifted
Just off Highway 198 is The Big Orange, a roadside fruit stand filled with goodies from the Mesa Verde Ranch. We stopped on our way home to purchase local cheese, oranges, and olive oil for cooking summer meals. Temperatures were in the 90s, and I wore a simple floral dress and sandals. I often find it difficult to balance style with camping-appropriate clothing. But since this outfit is entirely thrifted and cost only $14.00 in total, I didn't mind getting these pieces dirty during our weekend river trek. For me, summer style isn't complete without a pair of cork sandals and a market bag, both of which I've worn almost everyday this past week. Granted, I didn't wear the cork sandals around the campground, but they were a welcome addition to town explorations and a short thrifting stop in Gilroy, California.  


Marlena :

This is adorable. It's making me want to bust out of work and go to a farmer's market :)

dear winsome :

such a perfect little stand, i love things like this! you look amazing in the hot weather,perfect light outfit. it's 108 here!! no exploring for me today..i'm stayin in!

Lovely Sara :

wow this location is so beautiful and you look just stunning! I wish I had this big orange in my garden ;-)

I love how you always not just shoot outfits like most blogs, but are always very creative about telling a whole story with your pictures. the combination with all that wonderful locations you find makes your pictures outstanding. lovely greetings, sara

Dilan Dilir :

the pictures are super cute and you look amazing :D

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) :

I love finding cool and whacky things like this. Good thing I live in Oregon.

Tonya :

Gosh these photos are wonderful, as is your outfit! I love the simplicity, and it's perfect with the background. Drooling over every single one of your accessories too!! LOVE!

Dom :

Aw, what a cute and fun little fruit stand. Your outfit is very cute and simple. I've seen so many versions of the dress you're wearing, it's high tide I pick one up myself.

dusanabotswana :

what a fun little place to stop at, so cute! love that dress & I'm amazed you even found awesome shades thrifting, you are the cutest! Glad you're enjoying summer w/ some camp trips... 90s sounds so nice compared to 110 here.

Nicole Testa :

What a fun place! It sounds like you had a lovely day :)
That dress looks fantastic on you, and I love your sunglasses!

Vang :

Yummy, I love buying local, fresh food. That's why I love thrifting, I don't mind it when an item or two get dirty.

Mara :

I wish we had cute roadside stands like this close to where I live! They're all over in Eastern Washington, but over by Seattle the fruit stands are rare.
I so want to go to this one.
I have a hard time balancing camping clothes with fashion, too. But I guess it just depends on what's going on in the trip whether I bring jeans or a dress. Or both. :) You look cute!

Amber :

what a cute stand! I wish we had little hidden gems like that in my town.

Kuleigh :

Oranges! So quirky and cool. You find the neatest things on back roads and old highways!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

youre the cuuutest thing!!!!!!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Monique :

Yes I agree the cork sandals and bag are summer staples. You can fit a decent size picnic in those bags. Sweet getup lady love the brown and black pairing. Your inspiring me to plan a camping trip.

Jamie Rose :

These pictures are adorable! I love the setting for them. Your dress is also super cute, as usual!

Kailey :

Ooohh my goodness, this is too cute for words! Absolutely love this post <3

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Eek I'm so jealous of your little orange stand! I'm in love with vintage vernacular architecture but not much of it survives.

Pretty outfit too, I like the high waisted floral skirt. I also have the twin of your market bag! :)