A Game of Croquet

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Hummingbird Girls_20120506_MG_9953
These photographs were taken a few weeks ago during an imagined game of croquet in the Panhandle near Golden Gate Park. We shot with the very talented Angela DeCenzo who was so much fun to work with. Angela, much like us, enjoys creating a story with pictures. What better way to celebrate the beginnings of summer then with an afternoon spent in the park with a game of croquet and a picnic? We dressed for the day, each wearing a vintage summer dress, woven sun hats, and sandals. It was a wonderful experience to play dress-up for the afternoon, and we both quickly learned that croquet was much more difficult to play then we originally thought (hence the lack of "action" shots of the very heated match). You may notice the crossed fingers in the second to last photograph. There may have been some cheating involved by a certain someone. 

Angela takes wonderful photographs. We are particular fans of her editorial shots! You can find her here: blog/twitter/website


Sabrina T. :

great post girls!

Patchwork à Porter

Sharmaine Ruth :

i love the first photo you two look amazing :) looks like such a fun time!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

Lydia :

These are so cute!

Emily Peebles :

This is such a fabulous post! I've always wanted to play croquet. I suppose it would be harder than you'd think, especially in pretty vintage dresses!

Sara S ♥ :

These are such great photos!! Love them! I love that you played dress up and pretended to play corquet; that's so fun!


JennaStevie :

These photos are absolutely wonderful!! I love both of your dresses, they're gorgeous and perfect for a picnic day. What an amazing day!

The Jones :

Oh my heavens, you two look so ladylike and breezy! Love the vintage dresses and your darling croquet picnic photos!

<3 Cambria

Nikki :

These photos are amazing! The orange dress looks devine!! x

Penny Dreadful Vintage :

Aw, aren't you two cute :) Love the print on the orange dress, and the trim on the yellow x

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Charmaine :

Great dresses, looks like fun.

Emily :

You ladies look gorgeous, and what dreamy, dreamy photos! I actually remember playing lots of croquet as a kid. I don't remember finding it that difficult, but that was probably because we all chronically cheated!

Amber :

oh ladies, these photos are marvelous and I dont use the term marvelous very often.

Chaucee :

You two looks so lovely! The sunshine in the photos is so warm.

Frannie Pantz :

I adore these photos and both dresses are very pretty and classic. The orange one is my fave. How much fun would this shoot be!!???

Rebecca :

I was thinking as I looked through that these looked like a great editorial. They are like something from a vintage film. Wonderful photos and dresses.

Hattitude :

Hattitude Style Blog

hummingbird girls this is SO cute! i love this shoot. the sun is beautiful in the first one. your outfits are just the cutest! ah croquet too fun! the crossed fingers shot is so darling.

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Dina :

Enough of being a silent reader... You have possibly one of the most exceptional blogs I've ever laid eyes upon. Angela's work is wonderful, looks like an outing right up my street. If you have no objections, I would love to add you to my blogroll? x


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Caitie Schlisserman :

these photos are just too precious of you ladies! I just adore them. you both look so cute and summery!


Rebeccak :

Such amazing shots!! I love it - and those dresses are just perfect.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

these are the prettiest blog photos ive ever seen. the shot of you ladies walking.. wow!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Roxanne Rosensteel :

You guys are too lovely! I love these photos as much as your dresses. They suit you both perfectly.

Laura :

Wow I love this photshoot!!

Michal :

Oh goodness these photos are so wonderful! Your dresses are fantastic.

The Braided Bandit :

These photos are so beautiful! You can seriously see how great friends you two are, and you both look gorgeous! I love the story behind it too, everything is perfect!
x hannah

Angela DeCenzo :

Ladies the post is beautiful! I'm so proud to have contributed to your adorable blog. Just lovely!

Marlena :

aw thiss was so cute, i thought it was real and was instantly jealous. all i do in my afternoons is slave in a cubicle or watch tv shows haha. love the woven hats- i've been hunting for one this summer!

Monique :

what a sweet photo shoot i love your bright dresses!

Mounette :

I love it, you are two beautifull gils! beautifull picture and days ;)

Angie :

you gals are so cute! i like our matching straw hats and the vintage summer light and dresses/colours in these photos. i want to dive into your life!

it would make me happy if you visited too!
pandaphilia style
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Mara :

You both look so beautiful!

Christy :

You both look just perfect! Warm oranges and yellows are some of my favorite colors to wear in the summer, and croquet always reminds me of lazy afternoons spent at my grandmother's house. I love the whole tone of this shoot!

Llara is the Little Scribbler :

You guys are so cute and this is lovely!

Jamie Rose :

These pictures are beautiful and I love the croquet photo shoot idea. Both of you look gorgeous in your summery sun dresses. The hats are fantastic too! Everything about this post is perfect and I love it.

Vang :

What a charming photo shoot! Both your dresses are beautiful, as always.

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Awww! You two look absolutely adorable! What sweet pics :)

Kristen :

This yellow dress is so fun! Love it!


Kristian :

What a fun post, oh my gosh! Fantastically imagined- even if the croquet didn't turn out like you'd planned