A few weekends ago, Matthew and I visited Shelldance Orchid Farm in Pacifica, California. We explored each greenhouse, carefully searching for an orchid to take home. We particularly loved the hanging plant arrangements (shown in the second to last picture). I think I would gladly live in this greenhouse if I could.  

Annalise and I are in Reno, Nevada this weekend for a thrifting trip and a much needed mini-vacation. We rented the Imperial Suite at the Grand Sierra Resort (major deals in Reno right now!!) We'll be sharing some of our trip next week, chalk full of slot machines, poolside cocktails, and thrift hunting. Check out our instagram for weekend moments.


dear winsome :

i adore greenhouses, i have to have one someday! these photos are so fresh, makes me want to get out and do some work in the garden..almost haha have a fun weekend guys!!

Dilan Dilir :

the photos are amazing :)

Monique :

sounds like you gals have a fabulous weekend planned! cheers ladies

The Wearwithal :

beautiful, vibrant photos.

Jo - Lost in the Haze :

I can't wait to hear more about your weekend! I LOVE all of the instagram shots! <3

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Mara :

How beautiful!