Lady Ties

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Photos by: Matthew Rice
Lady Tie - Flapper Girl :: Blouse - Lion Heart Vintage Swap :: Skirt - Thrifted Vintage :: Shoes - Vintage :: Bag - As You Like It Vintage 
When Christine from Flapper Girl contacted us about her Lady Ties, Jen and I instantly fell in love. The versatile collar additions come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. I picked out a sunny little floral pattern that would look so cute under a number of different collars. For this outfit I paired a lady-like vintage skirt with my chambray blouse from Zoë of Lion Heart Vintage. I love the colors together and was happy to find that they went perfectly with some of the street art near my apartment. Matthew and I went out to eat for his birthday this weekend, and it was my first time taking out my new bag from As You Like It Vintage. With so many pretty new things, I almost felt like it was my birthday. 


Caitie Schlisserman :

this possibly maybe my new favorite outfit of yours. absolutely beautiful --- love everything about it!


Lauren :

Definitely a perfect outfit! The shoes, bag and lady tie are amazing!

Vang :

I love everything about this outfit. The bag, the lady tie, the shoes, especially those shoes. You look gorgeous!

Emily Peebles :

That bag is just adorable, as is the lady tie! What a neat idea. And the colors in your photos are always excellent :)

SomeoneLikeYou :

Gahh, the jumping shot of your shoes and purse is TOO darling! x

JennaStevie :

This is a gorgeous look!!! I love the mustard skirt with this denim top, so perfect. And that jumping shot?? It's amazing

caitlin of wanderlustings :

oh my god! i just died - so utterly gorgeous. that sleek skirt and handbag are amazing!

blue roses :

that handbag is perfect! the embroidery is so delicate and the design so quaint, i love it.

The Braided Bandit :

My goodness, its a perfect outfit! I love everything, but the bag and lady tie especially!

BaronessVonVintage :

How BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the skirt and the bag, too!

flappergirlcreations :

You are so lovely, Annalise!

Thank you so much for featuring Lady Ties on Hummingbird Girls! This totally put a smile on my face today :)


Rene :

Annie, these colors complement you perfectly. You look beautiful!

The Jones :

I don't think you could get much cuter than this little floral tie! It's inspiring me to get/make some of my the femininity it adds. Your pic of your cute feet and lovely purse made me smile...just darling.

<3 Cambria

The Marcy Stop :

Gorgeous look. Love the colors, textures, and especially that collar!

Ginger :

Oh! Love the lady tie. I've often admired the same look in vintage photos and old movies, but this is completely relevant for today. Awesome post.

Angela DeCenzo :

The colors of the location worked really well with the colors of your outfit. Love the purse!

itchycoo :

Love this outfit -
The bag is amazing! x

Ester Durães :

you look amazing! I gotta confess I love that jumping shot, fabulous! :)

Chandra :

That bag is so amazing!

Jamie Rose :

That cross tie is definitely a fantastic accessory! I'm loving your cute little bag too. The color scheme of this outfit is wonderful. Everything looks so great together.

Monique :

Annalise this may very well be my favorite outfit of yours. Pure perfection,for real! I use to wear a tie like that with my grade school uniform, only it was a brown plaid..hope your having a lovely summer weekend!