Lemon and Lace

Dress- Guipure Dress, Zara:: Shoes- Vintage:: Clutch- Vintage:: Floral Fastener- Vintage
Last week marked the five year anniversary since my graduation from CAL. I still can't believe how quickly these past five years have gone. Transitioning from a college student who happily shared a packed house in downtown Berkeley and worked in a shitty dinner to being in my later twenties and navigating the responsibilities that come with establishing a career has been a challenging yet welcome experience. Friends are now getting married, starting families, and moving to far off destinations for work, graduate school, or adventure. I suppose those carefree days of staying up until 5:00 AM just because have somehow given way to the need for sleep. 

With the start of June and upcoming transitions, I am eagerly awaiting two weddings this month. While I generally don't buy new dresses, I couldn't resist this lemon and lace dress from Zara. I went through a bit of an internet love affair with this frock. The beautiful lace detail on the back and the feminine cut because it is reminiscent of some of my favorite dresses from the 1950s. 


Sabrina T. :

loove the outfit and pics:)

Patchwork à Porter

Sarah Azzouzi :

I love how the lace reflects the architecture!

Dom :

This is such a perfect outfit! The dress and the hair fastener are such enviable finds and your wear them SO well. You look absolutely gorgeous! :}

Frannie Pantz :

Wow! I totally thought this was one of your fabulous vintage finds! Zara. Who knew. Love the pretty color and the lacing on the back!

Leila :

BEAUTIFUL pictures! And what a wonderful dress. :) You look great! And it is very strange to reflect on what life was like just a few years ago; I find myself comparing on anniversaries, too.

Siboney2046 :

Absolute beautiful!!


Caitie Schlisserman :

wow, this dress is totally amazing on you - can't believe you got it at zara! your accessories are FAB, too.. swooning over that fastener!

My bf just graduated college and it's so weird--- feels like yesterday me and him graduated highschool! I still have a year left, but so much is about to change in the next few months it's kind of scary - but exciting, too!


Marlena :

i don't even know what to comment on because it's all so pretty. i love everything, from the water color colors on your clutch, the lace in your dress, and that cool flower head piece. I've just hit my one year mark of graduating and it threw me into a crisis lol change is so scary sometimes!

Amber :

I can see why you were prompted to purchase this dress. Its a beauty as are you :)

Louise.Amabilis :

ooo...love this dress!
With that price tag I might have to try and make one myself though!

Lydia :

Your hat is so cute.

French Press Vintage Boutique :

girl crush, activate!

Shevah :

these photos are super gorgeous.
i love your dress so much.


alittlevintagestory :

Such a gorgeous dress, the sheer lace back is lovely. x Fran

Rebecca :

I never would have guessed that wasn't a vintage dress, the back really is beautiful and I love your hairpiece, fitting in beautifully with your surroundings. I also concur that being in your late 20's is quite the strange time of life.

Qwerty :

Your clutch is so pretty - goes perfectly with your dress! x

Sarah :

I'm done with classes as an undergraduate in exactly one week and I don't know what to do with myself, exactly!

Anyway, I am not supposed to be online because I have papers to write, but I had to come tell you how AMAZING that dress is on you. Good choice. (:

Caitlin :

oh my word! that dress is perfect on you.

The Braided Bandit :

These are the prettiest I have seen in a long time! You look amazing, this dress was the perfect choice for your upcoming weddings too!

Jo - Lost in the Haze :

I love that hairpiece, Jenny! <3 You are looking wonderful, as per usual!

Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

Circus Girl (Zoë) :

Gorgeous! I love your outfit and the look of this place, so pretty! :) x

Jamie Rose :

You look absolutely beautiful in this lemon yellow dress! I just love this shade on you. The lace detailing at the top is wonderful too. I love this!

Llara is the Little Scribbler :

It is a beautiful dress! And what a gorgeous building too. I love a good wedding - lucky I have one this weekend!

Kristian :

Gorgeous fascinator.

Erika :

your dress is absolutely stunning, there's no better way to say this...truly amazing, I love it! You girls have such nice finds :) Love your outfit posts :)