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Mix and Match

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When traveling to a new area, it's so easy to over pack.  You're not always sure if it's going to be warm or cold, and you need outfits for day and night. I love the way that a favorite cardigan or dress can be worn in so many different ways. I created some outfit ideas for mixing and matching clothes when you need to pack light. Is there something that you never travel without?


Sharmaine Ruth :

I never travel without my lucky ring and necklace! I'm going to have to do this to plan for my travel outfits! I tend to over pack haha :)

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

The Jones :

This post is one of my favourites you've done...it's just really fun to look through each of these outfits and see how you've mixed and matched! Great styling all around :)

For the average vacay, I always, always pack a comfy maxi skirt that can be dressed up or down, a cocktail dress and an easily layer-able day dress, a few shirts, a pair of pants, a sweater, and a skirt. It's amazing how many combination you can find for those items by layering and accessorizing!

<3 Cambria

Dom :

Super cute post! I love the amount of detail that went into each set to illustrate the ability to mix and match pieces. Very inspirational.

Dilan Dilir :

omg such wonderful outfits :D

Katie Elle :

Can I just have all of these outfits? They are so lovely!

I never travel without a pair of neutral flats and a flattering dress. You never know when you'll need a dress and sometimes you just need to wear comfortable shoes.


Gwyneth :

I basically love/want EVERYTHING on this post!xo

Chaucee :

Love all the blue hues!

Tyne Swedish :

I. Love. This. Thank you for this!


Erika :

I love this post, it is so inspirational with all these matched outfits, I cannot stop looking at them in detail... :)
Thanks for the tips, I over-pack most of the time, so this was really helpful :)