Sierra Nevada Natural History

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A recent acquisition during a thrifting trip was the Sierra Nevada Natural History handbook. Matthew and I always take a field guide of some sort during camping trips, but this 1960s University of California edition is particularly detailed. The book is filled with colored plates of flora and fauna from the Sierra Nevada region as well as in-depth descriptions of wildlife. I always draw inspiration from vintage field guides due to the intricate illustrations and species accounts, keys, and descriptions.   I snapped the film photographs of Yosemite Falls and Yosemite Valley in late summer 2011 but haven't shared them yet on this space. They are a particularly fitting place to bring my field guide for future explorations.


out of order :

cute and perfect find <3

Dilan Dilir :

the photos are amazing :)

Sarah Azzouzi :

These photos make me miss nature. city life sucks sometimes.