Barbecue Picnic

Seaside buffet dining, Cohasset
Seaside buffet dining, Cohasset
Summer outdoor eating at local fair, Jamaica Plain
Banana split eating contest, Dorchester
Alfresco watermelon summer snack, Charles River embankment
I stumbled across the images of Spencer Grant while exploring the Boston Public Library online archives. I am smitten with his images of everyday life, including these photographs taken at a variety of public events around Boston. Most of these images were taken between 1975-1982. However, for me, they are reminiscent of summer days spent at BBQs and picnics around San Francisco.


Dilan Dilir :

the pictures looks awsome :D

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) :

wow. I want to live in boston...and in the 60's haha

Marlena :

oh man, how adorable are these? this makes me want to get a group together for a picnic so bad haha. awesome find, his shots are so great to look at

Little Erica :

The first photo is so lovely! Amazing shots