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Suede Skirt- 1960s Vintage:: Blouse- 1970s Vintage:: Necklace- Thrifted:: Shoes- Thrifted (J Crew):: Backpack- Handmade, purchased in San Pedro, Guatemala Summer 2010:: Glasses- Burberry
I've been about all about comfort this summer, and for me that means simple skirts, blouses, and large bags to schlep all of my items for the day. I pulled together some closet staples: a 1960s suede skirt, a cotton embroidered blouse, and cork sandals for a post-work afternoon spent around my neighborhood doing laundry and grocery shopping. Also featured are my newly purchased glasses, with frames from Burberry. I have worn glasses since eighth grade but have been an avid contact user since college. As a rather nerdy 13 year old with glasses and braces, I always opted for contacts as an adult. Perhaps it was these awkward memories from my youth that kept me from buying a proper pair of glasses until 27. Regardless, I am quite pleased with my new frames and plan to wear them frequently.


the sparkling dust :

I love the vintage suade skirt, I agree summer is about comfort with the heat wave and all. And oh my I need your backpack, thats just so cute! Xx

The Braided Bandit :

You look super cute, love the new glasses! I 100% agree with summer simplicity, but with the backpack and awesome accessories you still didn't let it be boring!

Also, I know you're a vintage lovin' gal so I wanted to let you know I am doing my first ever giveaway for $40 to my vintage shop! If you would like to enter, head on over to:

Hope you are having a perfect Friday! xo Hannah

Dom :

Wow. I love that you're backpack is handmade. It's so trendy with them being ubiquitous in Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and such but it's always nice to help out small businesses in other countries. I really like the style of your frames. They fit you!

The Jones :

Smashing backpack! And I love the scalloped hem on your skirt.

<3 Cambria

Ginger :

Ha ha! I know how you feel about the glasses. It's fabulous that nerdy frames are the thing right now.

Sabrina T. :

loove the bag!!

Patchwork à Porter

Nomad :

Love the hem on your skirt - so cute! It's got to be about comfort when you feel like melting :) x

Mandy :

These photos are excellent. I love your whole outfit, especially that bag. So great!

Meghan Elizabeth :

Gaah I seriously now covet pretty much every single item on your back! I ADORE scallop hems and that vintage skirt nails it; that necklace- I die; that blouse- I die; that backpack? You're killin' me! In a good way of course

and the glasses look great on you :)


Circus Girl (Zoë) :

Oh you look so sunshine-weather! And I love your new glasses on you! :) Have a wonderful weekend! Zoë x

Caitie Schlisserman :

so cute, as always! love those glasses on you :)


Sarah :

That bag is AWESOME and I love the touch the necklace adds! I also appreciate how you found such a colorful place to stand for your photos. (:

Thea vintage :

Ah the lace top is wonderful!

High Dollar Hippie :

I want that backpack, it's so festive! These photos are great!
Drey -

Mara :

I love the lace with the arrowhead necklace. It's such a great contrast. You look so pretty!
I definitely have been drawn towards simplicity by way of very few layers, too. I forgot how nice it is to just throw on a skirt and shirt or dress without worrying about tights or cardigans!

Jamie Rose :

Your new glasses are super cute on you! I always wore contacts ever since I needed any sort of eye correction, so glasses are really fun for me to experiment with once in a while. I bought quite a few varied pairs over the past couple years. I think I need a pair like yours!