Midcentury Living

With my move from San Francisco in one month, I have been carefully cleaning my apartment. We are taking some of our most beloved vintage furniture pieces with us to Ann Arbor, but we are planning to purchase some newer items for our living room. I have been daydreaming of the Andre Sofa from Room and Board for quite awhile. We recently bought a new bed, and the bed frame matches the couch perfectly. I just can't seem to justify spending $2,000 on a sofa, so I am hoping to find a midcentury piece while thrifting in Michigan. I hope to take a more eclectic approach to my living room with the move, mixing richer colors and patterns through accent pillows and decorations. But I can't seem to part from brass animal figurines, and I hope to find more in Midwest antique stores.


The Jones :

I have a kitchen all decked out midcentury...it's my fav room in the house :) You picked REAL decorating gems for this post...would love to see your house, bet it's absolutely a dream!

<3 Cambria

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) :

Yeah I couldnt justify $2,000 for a couch either! Geez! But all of these things do look lovey. Especially all the things in the first collage.

lady liquor vintage. :

This is all so lovely! I have a starburst clock and some kitschy animals, now just need all the rest! XO.

Monique :

I'm sure you'll have a great time furniture shopping in the midwest. Yea, we have the Andre couch it was our treat to ourselves after we got married since we're still living in the same apt. Our cats have been steadily destroying it and when i think of the price we paid...ouch. If you can find one similar and upholster it that would probably be more cost effective.

Emily Peebles :

I love midcentury decor - very eclectic and whimsical though still modern looking. And I bet the midwest would have similar-looking animal figurines in their thrift stores!

Dilan Dilir :

love the lamp :D

E :

No need to part from the brass animals - I'm such a fan!!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Midwest thrifting is AMAZING, especially with furniture. Prices are great too. I'll have to plan a road trip to visit you once you're settled in so we can thrift around Michigan. :)

Also, we have no shortage of brass animals!