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Planning ahead for decorating our Midwest space, I wanted to incorporate photographs from our travels. I've arranged three sets of pictures for display around the house, with these film pictures from our summer 2010 trip to Guatemala being the first. One of the things that I appreciate about Guatemala is the vibrant colors of its landscape and markets. I tried to capture this richness through this particular set of photographs as a reminder of my experiences while traveling. Once I receive the prints, I plan to  mount them in simple black frame with a white mat, with this set being featured in our kitchen.


Zorah :

Great photos. You'll have to show us when you finally get them printed and up. I've been wanting to do this for awhile too, I have a bunch of photos from my time abroad that are just waiting to be printed and framed.

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

Beautiful shots of Guatemala, it's such a bright vibrant country. I think you have captured it so well in these shots. They will look amazing on your walls.

Sarah Dee :

That's a fantastic idea! I love how bright these photos are, the really showcase what a fun trip it must have been :)

xoxo Sarah

Monique :

These prints are beautiful. Vacation prints just bring you back to that time and space, such a great idea. I'm getting so excited to see how it all comes together, hope you'll take us on a virtual tour once you're all settled in.

Chaucee :

The mountains are absolutely stunning. Guatemala is definitely on my list of places to visit.

iris :

your pics are so inspiring:)

Flor Frutal :

These photos are increidble, i want to travel right now!

Sarah :

I bet the prints are going to be gorgeous. (:

wardrobeexperience :

awesome photos! wow.