Mystery Mister

I wanted to share a few more of my favorite vintage stores in the Bay Area. Next stop on our tour of Bay Area vintage is my old neighborhood- the Haight + Asbury District of San Francisco. Home to the Summer of Love and hippie counterculture during the 1960s,  there are several vintage stores that line Haight Street. Mystety Mister is a fairly newcomer on the Haight + Ashbury vintage scene, but its collection of oddities and vintage clothing truly sets it apart from other shops in the area. With clothing ranging in age from Edwardian-1980s, I always find a unique dress or delicate accessory for a special occasion. In addition to clothing, Mystery Mister has an impressive collection of household oddities and knick knacks. I enjoy rummaging through vintage photographs and rarities such as a bat paperweight for a unique gift. While I'll miss visiting this store in person, at least they have an Etsy Store to fill my sartorial longings.


Claire :

this store looks so magical! your photos are really lovely :) xx

The Jones :

This looks so whimsical and fun to explore!

<3 Cambria

Ginger :

It's so strange to me that you can buy random people's old photos. Strange but kind of delightful. I have a few from my own family that I would never part with - my favorite is of my great great uncle's baseball team.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I love the eclectic mix of goodies for sale at this shop-- especially how dainty dresses are sold alongside beetles encased in lucite!

Also just want to pipe up in support of collecting vintage photos, my favorite are photo booth photos.

I'm going to go check out their etsy shop now...

Ang Lam :

Very cool vintage shops!!