Refinished Record Cabinet

A recent weekend DIY project included refinishing our vintage record cabinet. We salvaged the cabinet nearly two years ago, and it has been sitting in our living room waiting to be refurbished ever since. I enjoy bringing new life to a piece of furniture found wayside, and this record cabinet held great potential due to its solid wood base and simple detailing. We used varnish remover to strip the old finish and sanded the body with a power sander. In an effort to let the natural color of the wood show through, we stained the cabinet with teak oil and finished it with Feed n Wax Orange Oil. I love how the natural intricacies of the wood are brought out by the refinish, including the the tiger stripe pattern on the top drawer. I have two more pieces of furniture to refinish before the move to Ann Arbor. Hopefully I will have time to complete a few more DIY projects within the next week.


Anna :

This looks amazing! I love your blog posts they are always such a great source of inspiration and ideas!

Mama Wolf :

oh man is looks wonderful.

xoxo mama wolf.

Meghan Elizabeth :

this is really great, and timely! my bf and I have been constantly rearranging the living room, including his pretty wooden record player <3

A Tablespoon of My Life :

This is so sweet!! the record player looks beautiful on top of that cabinet! :) impressive record collection!

Michal :

Ooo it looks great! The wood is beautiful. I have an awesome 70s record cabinet but I need to find something different or else stop buying records because it's filled to the brim.

Emily Peebles :

Oh, what a beautiful record cabinet! The color is really lovely. And The Smiths are wonderful, you have excellent taste :)

The Jones :

Beautiful...perfect place for storing records! Love your big speakers, looks like a fun place for listening.

<3 Cambria

Caitie Schlisserman :

looks so clean!!! Love how organized it is!


KristiMcMurry :

Beautiful! I love the color of the wood.

little henry lee :

what an amazing find! i just have to use an ikea shelf for my records because luckily it's the perfect size, but finding a vintage record cabinet would be perfect! lucky you!

wardrobeexperience :

wow, this is great record cabinet. have to show it to the bf ...

Monique :

well done, it looks beautiful. i love the finish you chose. and that 45 record rack. i've been trying to figure out how to store our 45's for years. i'm going to search etsy for one of those.