Autumn Suede

autumn suede skirt
floral blouse 2
brown suede skirt and floral blouse
shoes collage
vintage hat
Photos by Islabell <3
Blouse-Vintage :: Skirt-Vintage :: Cardigan-H&M :: Hat-Vintage :: Shoes-F21 :: Bag-Vintage 
Who doesn't love a three day weekend? I've been so busy! Things are getting down to the wire with wedding planning so it's nice to have some time to relax for a minute and spend time with friends. It's exhausting trying to get all the details in order and keep everything organized. Also, last month I was promoted at work, which is super awesome, only thing is now I commute about an hour away everyday and have to wake up even earlier than I used to. I'm excited for the Golden Collective Sale happening on Friday as well. Another chance to hang out with some lovely ladies and have fun. Hope to see you there!  


Jo - Lost in the Haze :

Ohh, that collar is truly one of the sweetest! <3 and I love love love your vintage bag too!

Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

Stevia :

a suede skirt! just awesome
and I love the darling top!
good luck on planning the wedding :)
The Sweetest Escape 

Vivi :

beautiful outfit x

Marli Neves :

I love this outfit! And that shoes, oh my god they're perfect :3


Marlen :

I just moved and now my commute is an hour too- it stinks :( but on a happier note, i love that skirt and the sweet bow on your hat. Love this whole vintage look!

JennaStevie :

I bet wedding planning is super stressful! It'll be amazing when it happens though.
I love this suede skirt, nothing screams fall quite like it and especially in this shade

Sara Strauss :

Love your outfit and the colors you're wearing! So pretty! Congrats on your promotion and upcoming wedding!!!

Frannie Pantz :

I can totally relate girly. We lost an experienced associate attorney at work and gained a not-so-experienced one that I've had to train. PLUS my wedding is in 6 days-yikes! Days to chill outare few and far between but so glorious. Make sure you take the time to relax-you need it!

As always I love your look. This skirt is super cute and I love the oxfords and cardigan. Very pretty preppy!

islabell :

remember the moment shots you wanted to take?

islabell :

remember the moment shots you wanted to take?

Rachel :

I really love the colors in this outfit, and the layering makes me wish fall would FL soon!
Congratulations on your promotion as well!

Ester Dur√£es :

such a lovely outfit! love the combination of blue with brown, it looks great on you :)

Drawing Dreaming

lola :

I fell in love with your style!i will definitely follow your next posts!x

Emily Dart-McLean Harris :

This has a Madeline-esque feeling... lovely!

<3 Emily Pf <3

Meghan Elizabeth :

I adore the lovely suede and fuzzy sweater combo, you look great!

Adly Velasco :

Great look! You look so sweet and dainty in this even though you used browns and blues for your look. :)

Cassie Nafziger :

Love this outfit! And your red hair is to die for--wish I had the guts to go that bright, it's gorgeous! When is the big day? Wedding planning IS exhausting--but it's so worth all the time and effort on that special day. Congratulations!

Kitsune-kun :

ahhh love the suede skirt! gorgeous! congrats on your job:)