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Makeup: Nicole Elaine
Photography: Angela DeCenzo
Before Jen's move to Ann Arbor, we were lucky enough to work with photographer Angela DeCenzo again. You may remember our first photoshoot with Angela a few months ago, a game of croquet on a lovely summer day. For us, Autumn evokes a darker mood as the days get shorter and colder. We are particularly inspired by the textures and layers of fall found in bohemian styles and clothing. We will have a few more shots from the day this Friday so stay tuned.

To see more of Angela's beautiful photography, be sure to check out her blog/twitter/website.  


Marlen :

this is sooo different from your croquet one! i like the mean, bohemian style here. anything with crushed velvet and i'm in love :)

Jamie Rose :

You two look awesome and these pictures are wonderful. I just love how your outfits compliment one another!

Lucy Nation :

Great photos. I love the fringed shawl. Autumn is just the best time of year x

Rebecca :

These are gorgeous, the textures are so sumptuous and I like the Stevie Nicks vibes. Annalise your scarf/jacket is fantastic, made for dancing around in.

kiss me quick :

the third photo is amazing. I'm in love with it. The lighting is PERFECT.

I can't seem to get my eyes of the red shawl :P


Sarah :

My friends keep making fun of me for thrifting velvet but I just love it. You both look lovely against the green backdrop!

The Braided Bandit :

I love when you two are both in the post! I am loving this darker bohemian vibe and the velvet is awesome. These photographs turned out so good, I cannot wait to see more!
xo Hannah

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love that kimono!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Kailey :

These pictures are so so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing :D

vintagereflection :

You both look amazing! I love the styling and location are great. I wanna join in and be apart of your shoots! x

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Monique :

so great to see you two together. even if these were taken before jen left. this autumn shoot rocks. i really love the shot of you gals drinking wine.