Fortune Teller

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Hummingbird Girls_20120805_MG_3942
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Here are a few more photographs from our shoot with Angela DeCenzo. We always like shooting with Angela because she approaches photography as a form of storytelling. These are some of our favorite pictures from the day. We shot them just as the sun was setting and the day was drawing to a close. The lighting was perfect to end the day with a little fortune telling and palmistry. I'm sure  reading her palm would confirm that Jen's future is filled with many new and fantastic experiences she will find in Ann Arbor, even when we all miss her terribly in San Francisco. 
To see more of Angela's beautiful photography, be sure to check out her blog/twitter/website.  


Monique :

Such and awesome shoot. I adore these photos.

wardrobeexperience :

lovely photo story! great hippie-esque post ...

Eccentric Owl :

This is such a gorgeous shoot!

vintagereflection :

This is so fun and love seeing shoots with you both in! x

Sandy Joe :

So witchay! I'm in love.

x The Pretty Secrets