Guest Post: Alma Mater

60s crop top - thrifted:: 60s cardigan - thrifted :: 90s printed denim skirt - PrettyPenny Oakland :: Ferragamo flats- vintage via Etsy:: sunglasses - buffalo exchange 

Miss Christina Catherine Martinez is a dear friend of mine. A recent transplant to the Bay Area from Los Angeles, we met at a costume party last fall and bonded over fashion and our alma mater. I always like a friend that appreciates vintage, cocktails, and offbeat jokes as much as I do. Christina definitely fulfills all of these longings.

Hello. My name is Christina Catherine Martinez and this is my book report guest post. I run a rather fatuous style blog called For Show, through which I had the good fortune of meeting Jen and Annalise. I am so thrilled that such fine ladies would deign to tarnish their sterling reputation and fabulous aesthetic with my asinine sartorial output, but someone has to man the fort while they’re off getting PhDs, making wedding plans, and generally being the insanely awesome women I know them to be. 

These photos were taken at mine and Jenny’s alma mater, UC Berkeley. School just started up again, and I wanted to take advantage of the relative quietude of this beautiful campus before it’s overly crawling with hungover man-children and girls in sweatpants with oblique messages printed across the butt.

See you on the wrong side of the tracks!


Meghan Elizabeth :

I just started following for show recently, awesome skirt!

Lindsey Louise Bales :

that outfit is wonderful!

lindsey louise

Cambria :

First of all...may I complement you on your writing style! So enjoyable to read :) And I love your darling skirt, high waisted and funky print are a guaranteed win.

<3 Cambria

Two Buttons :

i love your skirt and sunglasses. they are very snazzy, and so unique!
X jane

A Certain Vintage :

ah i've been to berkley once upon a time, beautiful town and beautiful outfit! I love the 90s vibe the skirts and flats give it :)