Guest Post: Flea Market Details

Hello, there! I'm Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage. When I think of Jennifer and Annalise, I immediately think of all of the amazing vintage that they post. I especially love their posts of the California flea markets; they seem so much different than the ones that we have on the east coast. From what I can tell, they're a bit more, um, rustic, and you really have to dig - but there are great deals to be found. I think I furnished half of my house from this particular flea market!

I wanted to share details of items that I've found from my favorite flea market, nestled in rural Pennsylvania, several hours from Philadelphia.
How beautiful is this dresser set? I really wish that we had room for this - it even came with a bench! And that mirror - perfect.

Some pretty cool necklaces, tucked away in a mountain of stuffed animals - and of course there's a lizard with a broken tail on top. I love buying costume jewelry at this particular market, as it's so cheap (I'm thinking $.50 a piece) and I won't feel so badly when I inevitably lose it.
There were so many antlers at the market yesterday! I actually found quite a few pairs before these, but the asking price was too high. I bought a pair of these (not in the picture) for $2. They're small, but I think they'll look perfect above our bed.
Did you have this kind of "painting" in your first apartment? I swear that almost every girl I know had something in this style - I sure did. This vendor had a set of 7 that she was selling for $20.
There's tons of produce, too. This particular vendor isn't selling anything local (as you can probably tell by the oranges) but many of the vendors do sell produce from their own farms.
A whole collection of lanterns! I really liked the green 50's desk lamp with the brass arm.
This Lane trunk would look nice at the end of a bed, right? After checking the date (in the serial number on the bottom) I found that it was made in 65. The person selling it was the original owner!
I found a whole rack of deadstock 70's and 80's denim for $1 each. I picked up a few pairs of Wranglers but they are SO small. I honestly couldn't even get them up past my mid thighs! To my sister they go.
I love rooting through old magazines and flyers.
This flea market has tons of bikes for sale, usually, but there's always one man that arrives at 5:30 AM and buys them all before anyone else can. I wish I knew what he was doing with them...probably reselling. These two he left behind, which means they were most likely pretty pricey.
A packed trunk! I walked away with lots: 4 old galvanized tubs, a dog gate, a 1944 US flag, lots of scissors for my classroom, that awesome 'This is Horse Country' flag, antlers, and some denim.


Sarah :

I want to go to a real flea market. I've only been to small ones that are tucked away in buildings and whatnot. Also, I just had a freak out moment because in that shot of necklaces there is a turtle necklace and I HAVE THE SAME ONE.

Kelsey Elizabeth :

this looks like a magical place, you've got me yearning for some travel now!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I always love seeing the regional differences in antique/thrift shopping, you're lucky prices are so low in PA! Chicago flea markets are wonderful but since they're pretty curated it's unlikely that one can find jewelry for 50 cents.

Monique :

I wonder where this flea market is. I'd love to drive out to PA and check it out. That dresser is a beauty.