Guest Post: San Francisco Love

fine day for sailing A
fine day for sailing 6 A
fine day for sailing A
fine day for sailing
Shoes- vintage ferragamos:: Dress-1960s vintage:: Coat- awesome gift from Miss Rubin:: Bag-vintage Dooney and Bourke:: Hat-vintage 
Two years ago, Isla and I met at a vintage fair in the Mission District of San Francisco and it was instant love. We share so many interests, and these interests have made Isla one of my best friends. There have been so many days filled with adventures around the city as well as nights spent lounging in her bedroom drinking champagne from the corner store and eating takeout from our favorite restaurant. I truly consider Isla my sister (as cheesy as that may sound), and I am counting down the days until I stay with her during a return trip home in October. 

Hello! I'm Isla and I write a blog called A Fine Day for Sailing. It kind of breaks my heart to be writing this post. Jen asked me weeks ago when she was here still and it seemed so far away. Now she is in Ann Arbor and starting an amazing new chapter in her life and I am super stoked for her, but I miss her so damn much. I guess this post is just going to be a rambling declaration of love. Jen has been such a solid friend since the moment we met. She is such an amazing warm, friendly, smart woman and I am honored to have her as one of my closest buds. This past summer was really tough for me and she was right there by my side through thick and thin. Jennifer Rubin, thank you!


Michal :

My very best friend recently moved away too. It's so so hard! But isn't it nice to know such fabulous people?

Pip :

Awe, I miss my very best friend too, as I had to move a few years back too. I love your dress so much dear! Vintage is so awesome!!!!!! xx Pip

Remy Ramirez :

I feel this post so hard! I'm in LA, and most of my friends are either in NY or SF. Why so much distance???Anyway, enough heartbreak for one Labor Day-- this outfit is adorable. The shoes and hat are perfection.


Liz :

oh my god this post made me so emotional and weepy. you guys are too sweet. lady friends really are the best kind of friends.

Caitie Schlisserman :

awww both you ladies are so darn cute! It's crazy how so many people moved away this summer , isn't it? good ol sf!


Dom :

To be it simply: Distance can't break a sisterhood. You guys will always have San Francisco. (Literally).

Isla, I totally love this look! I want everything. EVERYTHING! Gosh. You're so fucking adorable!

Meghan Elizabeth :

always love Isla's cute outfits <3

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle :

Love the dress and that hat!



Southern (California) Belle

Allie :

Ahh! This look is so great. You look amazing! Love this, love your blog. Following you now!



Cambria :

Aw, it's wonderful to hear how faithful and close of friends you guys are...distance can't totally change that! My closest friend moved across country recently too...and I can sure relate to missing her in my daily life :( Hope you guys stay in touch and keep up your stylish blogging!

<3 Cambria

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Zoƫ, Lion Heart Vintage :

Ohhh geez this post totally made me misty-eyed! It's obvious you two share a special kind of love. And you're both ADORABLE. Friend win! ^_^

Janet Mandell :

Its hard loosing a BFF to another city! REally cute post!
Its soo sweet of you to share this with us :)
Follow each other????
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