Black Cat

Suede Dress- 1990s Vintage:: Shirt- 1960s Vintage:: Bag- Vintage Coach:: Shoes- 1960s Vintage
I arrived in San Francisco a few days ago to celebrate a very special weekend. With my bridesmaid dress and shoes carefully packed away, there were a long list of festivities including a rehearsal dinner, an all-girls slumber party with Annalise and Isla, and Annalise's wedding at the Farmhouse Mansion in Bernal Heights. I am so very happy to have been a part of this very special celebration with one of my best friends. I wish Mr. & Mrs. Rice many happy years!


JennaStevie :

I love this combination, that dress over the awesome 60s shirt is a great combo. And congrats to Annalise! That sounds like such a wonderful wedding

kittenhood :

I love that you and the cat sort of wear matching outfits :)

Sabrina T. :

lovely pics, lovely outfit:)

Patchwork à Porter

Kati :

Oi, what a cutie cat!

Monique :

It must have been so awesome to get back to San Fran to celebrate. I love that paisley top and what a sweet cat, i love when they have that little bit of white that makes them look like their wearing a tux.

LoveCharlesVintage :

Can't wait to see wedding photos! Sounds like such a lovely weekend.

The Braided Bandit :

I love this little black jumper. It's adorable how your black and green match the kitty's black fur and green eyes perfectly! Cannot wait for wedding festivity pictures!

Kailey :

These pictures are so precious! <3

Jamie Rose :

That suede dress is fantastic worn as a jumper! I love the fun patterned shirt you layered underneath it.

Circus Girl (Zoë) :

Beautiful! Both of you! ;) x

Diana :

I love love love the shoes! And the side to side cat photo.

Crystal Lee :

Love this outfit & especially those shoes! The buckle is incredible.