Guest Post: Drapey Cape

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Hello Hummingbird Girl readers!

My name is Zoë and I hail from a little corner of the internet called Lion Heart Vintage. I was more than happy to write this guest post for Annalise while she celebrates her nuptials because the Hummingbird Girls have been a staple in my blog-reading repertoire for years now!

One of the sartorial obsessions I picked up from Annalise and Jennifer has been a love for DRAPEY CAPES and PAISLEY PRINTS. This dynamic duo could rock either one effortlessly - and what better season to do so than autumn?? Capes provide a wonderfully romantic vibe, not to mention you end up feeling like a badass wizard in them. And a good paisley print adds that wonderful touch of "granny-chic". So what I'm saying is, we should all aspire to look like granny wizards. Am I right or am I right? ^_^

Hummingbird Girls, keep doin what you're doin - you are fantastic!

xx Zoë


LoveCharlesVintage :

This is a great outfit, the cape looks so comfy and I need one here in Michigan.
Certainly going to follow Lion Heart Vintage, happy for the introduction to the blog!

Kati :

What a cute idea! Looks so comfy and snuggly!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream :

i love the cape and how it completed the look..<3

♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

Cambria :

This cape looks comfortable to the utmost...I love how it's practically wearing a blanket! And looks great with the print.

<3 Cambria

Jack Blackburn :

wow beautiful i love that..
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