Guest Post: Grandma Approved

When Annalise asked me to guest post for her while she was preparing to get married I was flattered because I love her style and it got me thinking about wearing vintage to weddings. Half the fun in being a wedding guest for me is getting to dress up and go to a big party. Weddings have a few more rules to follow than a typical night on the town though since there is ceremony involved and family on the invite list. I think simple and pretty is the best route. I've put together a look for a fall wedding that is grandma-approved while still showing a little fashionable flair. Its based on what I wore to a summer wedding earlier this year. A simple solid color secondhand Ben Sherman dress with a vintage purse with gold details and matching navy shoes. Anyway, thats my wedding guest outfit idea! All the best to Annalise on her marriage xo


Carelia :

I completely adore your outfit, I also like your clutch. I will be fallowing your blog, I really like it.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Yayy Kallie! I love the clutch, and I love the elegant wedding guest look too.