High Desert

I promised to share some of the snapshots from our 2,300 mile drive from San Francisco to Ann Arbor. Truth be told, most of our trip was spent driving the I-80 in a Uhaul truck. But when we did stop to rest, I captured some of the sights from the various states we traveled through. On the first day of our journey, we stopped on the outskirts of Nevada just as the sun was setting over the desert. This is what we saw. An endless landscape stretched before us with only the faint noise of passing cars in the background.


Babes in Thriftland :

Wow, every place in the US has it's own type of beauty. This is the total opposite of what I see every day but it's still gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Meghan Elizabeth :

crazy drive, girl! I'm glad you guys made it safe and I'm loving the posts from east coast <3

Eccentric Owl :

Gorgeous pictures! I miss traveling across the states.

The Drifter and the Gypsy :

Aww, lovely road trip pictures. I've never been to the midwest, but these photos (especially the last one!) are so gorgeous!

Michal :

I love the desert. That last photo is perfect.

Cambria :

That is one heck of a road trip! And I actually love those tumbleweeds...they are kinda mysterious and spiky and fun :)

<3 Cambria

Sarah :

I almost want to go on a road trip after seeing these photos. Sounds like a looong Uhaul adventure, no doubt.

Alex :

these shots are stunning! there is such a beauty in the starkness of the desert, the premise that it is eternally inhospitable, yet teeming with life. but I've lived in Phoenix my whole life, so my love of the desert aesthetic is hugely biased. I hope you are posting more pictures from that trip, that stretch of road is full of wonderful American landscapes! also, I love that the first picture just says Tumbleweed. I was at a bar a couple of years ago and a very strange man introduced himself as Tumbleweed. I called him Tumbleweeds (on accident, I was drunk) and he flew of the deep end, hooting and hollering "MY NAME IS TUMBLEWEED! WEED. NOT WEEDS. DO I LOOK LIKE MORE THAN ONE TUMBLEWEED?!?!" I mean, he was right, he did not look like more than one tumbleweed...? anyway, that reminded me and made me laugh, sorry for the ultratangent!

Kitsune-kun :

absolutely in love with these and homesick as hell.