Photos: Isla
Dress- 1950s Vintage:: Belt- Thrifted:: Shoes- Vintage:: Purse- Vintage Coach
Being back in San Francisco, albeit for a short time, inspired me to channel my inner Mad Men. I donned a 1950s tea dress and heels for a morning spent in Alamo Square. With coffee in hand, I walked around my old neighborhood before packing for my return trip home. It's odd living between two places. I feel as if my head is in Ann Arbor but my heart is firmly situated in San Francisco. Due to work commitments, Matthew still hasn't moved to Ann Arbor. While I enjoy the solitude that my own space gives me, it doesn't feel quite like a home just yet.  I did, however, recently finish decorating my new apartment. With a few larger furniture pieces newly purchased from antique stores in the area, my design aesthetic is finally coming together. Think midcentury meets Southwest.


Meanz Chan :

Jenny you look absolutely beautiful! I love the dress.

2ndhandknowledge :

Beautiful dress! I love the print!

JennaStevie :

I love the print of this dress, so very 1950s and feminine. Gorgeous!!I bet being back in sanfran for a bit was awesome

Monique :

that feeling of being pulled in two different directions. i hear you lady. i'm glad to hear you're place is set up. i hope we get a little peak. i love the print of your dress!

Laurel Teixeira :

I love San Francisco architecture, and it beautifully paired with your look! :) I'm a bay area native, and lived in new york for a long time for school/work. I know how hard it is to be torn between two places! Good luck with your endeavors!


Alex :

this is a beee-utiful look! the heels and the dress, and the thin belt, it is all perfect together! that's wonderful you've had a chance to get your new place together, it never feels right to live somewhere until you make it your own. I hope your fellow gets out there real soon :)

Kailey :

These pictures are absolutely stunning!

Kati :

What a nice dress - and, can you do y home tour, please?

helen at thelovecatsINC :

beautiful outfit!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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MissTeefeyLee :

looking gorgeous, loving the autumn colours in this pretty dress


Asher :

What an absolutely stunning dress!!!!!!!

French Press Vintage Boutique :


Sarah :

You were MADE for adorable vintage pieces, I swear. The print is awesome and the color suits you so well!

Cheray Natalie... :

ohhh! gorgeous dress <3
at least living (kind of) between two places gives you the best of both worlds...
Cheray x

Rebeccak :

So pretty! And good luck settling in - all good things take time!

Kristian :

You look absolutely stunning, though it sounds hard to balance living in two places.

Lovely Sara :

OMG ear Jenny! You look so adorable and this dress is perfect for you, sweetest of the sweet girls! Kisses, Sara xx :

Wow. This is such a pretty print on this dress. I love the color on you!!! I am sure you did a great job decorating your apartment!