Cocktail Hour

Jacket- 1960s Vintage:: Skirt- Thrifted:: Shirt- 1970s Vintage, via Held Over:: Purse- 1950s Vintage:: Shoes- Thrifted
While my day-to-day activities are taken up with coursework, I do look forward to Friday evening happy hour with fellow University of Michigan graduate students. It is often the only time in my busy week when I don't need to think about reading, writing, or statistics assignments. I am nearing the end of my first semester, and final projects are due in only a few weeks. Even if I am busily writing essays and preparing for exams, a few cocktail hours scattered between library visits is always welcome.


Kati :

That skirt looks so lovely on you!

Courtney :

Ooooh this is a major cute outfit! That tee and coat are beautiful! xx

JennaStevie :

I love this outfit, the blouse has such a lovely print and this pleated skirt is wonderful.
I bet you look forward to the drink with other students on Friday with that crazy course load

Sabrina T. :

love the orange coat!

new outfit
Patchwork à Porter

Jeans and a Teacup :

Such a cute outfit! Love the color of the jacket, the pleated skirt and the cute purse!

Rachel :

Love the colour of your coat! And the print of your blouse ..oh yeah, and your hair! You make me want my fringe back, you look so lovely :)

vintagereflection :

It's important to have some down time as well as working hard or you'll go crazy! Now onto your outfit, that jacket and little bag are oh so pretty! Lovely location to! x

Naomi at The Occasional Indulgence :

I hope you are enjoying Michigan! I had a few friends who went to UofM and loved it.

The Braided Bandit :

I have been looking for a jacket like that, your is gorgeous! Your hair and bangs are also looking perfect! Hope you're having a great day!
xo Hannah

Sara Strauss :

Love your outfit so much! That coat and pleated skirt are perfection! :)

My-Web :

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Simonas street :

Very lovely outfit! Love the coat, I know exactly how it is when you study. You really have to learn to turn of the schoolbrain and just enjoy some moments without the stress. Hope you will have a wonderful Friday!

Erica :

Happy hour is a great way to end the week. :)

I really need a bright coat. It would make winter seem a little less chilly, I think.

Shelley Anne :

Love it all! Especially the cute skirt! And it looks great!

Elekon :

thanks for your comment on my blog:)
I really love your outfit and how you incorporated orange into this look!

wardrobeexperience :

as always i love your purse!

Kitsune-kun :

that coat is the prettiest shade!!

Jamie Rose :

Oh man all my final projects are due soon too! I wish I had a Friday night cocktail group to relax with because I'm sure I'll need one after this Friday. Though I'll probably spend Friday night working on the project that's due Monday instead. Ugh grad school. Whyyy!
In other news, your jacket here is adorable and I love your top with the fun print too. You look super cute as always!