I received a package in the mail from Annalise last week, and nestled inside was this lovely Pendleton laptop case. A benefit of living far away from friends and family is the possibility of handwritten letters and surprise gifts. Since I have a penchant for all things Southwest, I am pleased that my Macbook has a new home. And seeing that I spend most of my day working on my computer, a lively case is a much needed upgrade from a drab black laptop sleeve.


Cambria :

ooooooh that pendleton is so pretty :) what a lovely package to receive!

<3 Cambria

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Wow, this is so gorgeous! I made my own laptop case and love it but this one is super cute as well.

sweet harvest moon :

What a beautiful gift!

Cuddly Cacti :

how seet of Annalise! Pendleton always has the most beautiful fabrics and prints.