The Corner House

burgundy skirt 1
cactus window planter box
twirling slip showing skirt
San Francisco corner house
vintage skirt dance
vintage ferragamo shoes
Skirt - Thrifted :: Blouse - H&M :: Shoes - Thrifted :: Tights - Nordstrom :: Cardigan - Nordstrom :: Bag - Vintage
The days are getting shorter and I hardly see the sun these days especially when I'm working late. I'm eagerly looking forward to Thanksgiving Day. This will be the fifth year we will have dinner at our dear friends Nik and Rocio's house. They have invited 15 people to this years festivities, and with everyone bringing lots of food to share, I'm sure I'll be more stuffed than the turkey before 5pm. I have a feeling that this 1990s elastic waist skirt will come in handy when I can no longer fit into anything else more form fitting. Then again, perhaps a tent dress is in order... Do you have your Thanksgiving Day outfit planned out? 


Frannie Pantz :

I barely have Thanksgiving plans yet! LOL Since my husband won't be here, I'm not much in the spirit as I usually am :-( I love your floaty pleated skirt and those flats are adorable! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

islabell :

AH!!! I love these shots. I MISS YOU I MISS YOU xox

Cait Val :

OMG obsessing over this dainty dark look!!!
the slip under the skirt is genius!!

xo. c & v
cake & valley

triskelos :

This skirt is amazing - such a beautiful color, and it looks great with polka-dotted blouse <3

JennaStevie :

This is such a beautiful combination, I love the double polka dots, and that skirt is gorgeous. Such a beautiful shade

Emily P. :

Lovely outfit. I've been searching for shoes like those everywhere but can't seem to find a quality pair. I might have to wear a tent dress as well...I always overindulge in the warm roles!

Naomi at The Occasional Indulgence :

Your skirt is so lovely! I just adore pleats :)

wardrobeexperience :

this skirt is so great, love especially the lace slip ...

Lucy Nation :

Wow, you look amazing. This combination is so pretty. I love the way you've done your hair too x

Rebecca Jane :

Love this look! The colour of that skirt is lovely!

Rebecca Jane :

Love this look! The colour of that skirt is lovely!

2ndhandknowledge :

Beautiful skirt!

Kitsune-kun :

you look so classy! love your hair! and skirt and top!

Nomad :

Love this outfit! :) x

Haylie :

Super cute outfit! Looks kind of retro :)
Ooh, I can't wait for thanksgiving, I'm mainly excited about the potatoes! haha


A Certain Vintage :

so gorgeous, the lace slip is super pretty. I just wish my hair would sit as neat in pins as yours does!


I love the texture on your skirt and, ooh la la, look at your pretty slip peeking out!

Kitsune-kun :

I looooove your hair like this!!

irene wibowo :

that's a cute skirt :)Irene Wibowo

Cuddly Cacti :

haha elastic is def key during the holidays! lovin' that cute little skirt w/ the patterned blouse & you gals never dissapoint in thrifting amazing and dainty shoes!