Vintage Finds: Needlepoint Purse

I was recently asked if I've worn every vintage piece in my wardrobe. Truth be told, I have many pieces for daily wear as well as specialty items that are more for collectors purposes. I started collecting speciality vintage dresses and accessories a few years ago, and many of these pieces are more for aesthetic appreciation than actual wear. This purse (as well as the dress) is one such piece. My style, while eclectic, has become less eccentric as I've grown older. And while I love this purse and its hidden mirror and compartments, it remains displayed in my closet among my other well-loved handbags, satchels, and clutches. I plan to share some more of these speciality items over the next few months in a series called "Vintage Finds." Next up is a multicolor duster jacket which I will share next week.


Kati :

What a great, great find!

JennaStevie :

This purse is seriously so amazing, I love the detailing in it. Absolutely gorgeous dress as well, I love it!

2ndhandknowledge :

beautiful purse! What an awesome find!

kittenhood :

that's a stunning purse! love everything about it!

Marlen :

i don't know how you keep yourself from wearing that, it's such a neat piece! i always covet your treasures a little, so i'm very much looking forward to seeing more :)

vintagereflection :

I love everything about this post, that bag is really cute! I can't wait to see more from this series. x

Rebecca :

I am very much the same, particularly when I was younger I found it hard to resist any vintage treasure, however impractical. It's a really good idea to show them off in this way, especially if they get little wear most of the time.

The Braided Bandit :

Yes, please keep sharing! That purse is amazing! I don't think I could stop myself from wearing the pretty dress either!

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

What a lovely dress, it fits you perfectly!
I dont think I've worn everything I own. I just moved and will now have to sort some things out and give clothes away. Hardest job ever!

Orchid Grey :

This whole outfit is just so lovely, and that purse, what a great find! I feel like I often see needlepoint bags at flea markets, but they're never big enough, yours is perfect.

Lora :

My style has also shifted toward the more streamlined and practical as I've grown older, but that purse! It's pretty AND practical. I think designers need to start putting big mirrors in their handbags asap.

Alice, Pretty Confused :

Love this outfit, that bag is just wonderful. Looking forward to seeing what else you have hidden away xo

Jamie Rose :

Aww that purse is so perfect with your little white dress. I love the handy mirror inside the purse too.

caramellitsa :

beautiful!! love it especially the bag
so so pretty photos!
kisses <3

wardrobeexperience :

girl, you really have the best bags! :

That purse is awesome. It is cool that it has a mirror inside too!! How unique!! Definitely a wonderful find!