Vintage Finds: Southwest Coat

This coat was an impulse flea market purchase. I spotted it on a rack brimming with vintage coats, and its flounced sleeves, technicolor pattern, and large brass buttons was love at first sight. As much as I love all things Southwest, the jacket's bold pattern make it a specialty piece. When it does make an appearance in my daily wear, I often pair it with neutral colors to make the jacket the standout garment in my outfit. I suppose it is often difficult for me to part with unique pieces such of this jacket, even when I wear it only once or twice a year. 


Cait Val :

this coat is a show stopper!!! love it with the bold black & white.

xo. c & v
cake & valley

JennaStevie :

Amazing coat, this is seriously such a great find, i love the colours in it!!! Perfectly paired with the white dress

Courtney :

Your coat is amazing!! So incredible and eye-catching, what a fab purchase! xx

Alice, Pretty Confused :

Wow, that coat is fantastic! Perfect for when you want to eel a little fancy - I love the colour and pattern xo

Alice, Pretty Confused :

Wow, that coat is fantastic! Perfect for when you want to eel a little fancy - I love the colour and pattern xo

Amber :

that is a special piece of clothing so I can see why it would be difficult to part with.

Carelia :

Oh my!! this coat is amazing, I am sure you will give it plenty of use this spring as well. I love the colors and print because they make it very versatile.

wardrobeexperience :

unbelievable ... this coat is to awesome to be true.

BaronessVonVintage :

what a wonderful coat! your shoes are darling, too!

2ndhandknowledge :

beautiful jacket! Awesome find!

Lora :

Never part with this jacket! Unless, that is, you want to mail it to me :)

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

What a fun coat! Fantastic!

Simonas street :

Lovely coat! Love the pattern I'ts very pretty!

Kati :

That outfit looks so, so pretty!

carelessly cut :

Wow, it's amazing!
Such a find,

Rosie x


Holy smokes. This is the most amazing coat I've ever seen. It has so many details that remind of you too - southwest prints, ruffles, an a-line shape. It was meant to be yours!

Megan Butcher :

What a beautiful coat! Styled perfectly, as usual. I've been lurking for awhile, love this space! If you ever decide to sell this piece...let us know? :)


Caitie Schlisserman :

how FAB is that coat?! like seriously. so amazing and so very you! love it! I expect to see it lots more :)


Rebe Burgess :

this coat is amazing!!!!

loving your blog, new follower:)

please check out mine if you get the chance, would mean a lot!

xx Rebe

Kitsune-kun :

pretty dress!

rachael :

this is so fun and so beautiful! lucky you! :)

Cuddly Cacti :

it really is amazing, the sleeves and colors are so fun but good call on the neturals w/ it. beautiful dress!