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umbrella dress
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Dress-Gift :: Cardigan-Nordstrom :: Knit Jacket-Thrifted :: Doc Martins-from high school :: belt-Thrifted :: Bag-Aubergine Vintage
I can't believe it's December already and the holidays are just around the corner. After discovering I had no real rain boots to get me though this terrible storm San Francisco has been having, I pulled these Doc Martin boots out of the back of my closet. I've had these since my goth days high school but haven't had a chance to wear them for a while.  It felt like greeting an old friend. They still fit my feet perfectly and, more importantly, keep my feet totally warm and dry during the wet weather. I thought the umbrella print dress was also perfect for today since it's been raining for almost the entire week. It was sweet gift from Matthew on his last trip up to Portland, Oregon. My sister just moved up there last month, so we are due for a visit as soon as we can get some time off of work. I know how cold and rainy it can get up north, so I'll have to bring lots of cozy layers. How are you staying warm this December?


Frannie Pantz :

I was a total freak in high school and all I have to show for it are some really funky tights. I love that you still have your Doc Martins and I really love your umbrella dress!

Nomad :

I love this umbrella dress! The whole outfit is so pretty :) Three blankets and a hot water bottle are keeping me warm at the moment. So cold! :) x

Megan Butcher :

You look so cozy! That thrifted knit jacket - what a treasure! So inspired by this look - outfit perfection, miss!

<3 Megan


You look so pretty, love that print on the dress :)

Cait Val :

such a magical look! lots of fu pattern mixing. we mean what girl doesn't want a dress with lots of umbrellas on it :)

xo. c & v
cake & valley

2ndhandknowledge :

I'm in love with that dress! Lovely!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files :

What an adorable dress! Love the look with the boots. They are a classic.


Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Fantastic dress! Loving the adorable umbrella print :) :

This outfit is so amazing!!! Makes me miss my Doc boots so much that I had for about 9-12 years or something. Your dress is lovely!

Monique :

that dress is so sweet and i love that you leveled things out with some tough combat boots. love the cozy sweater too!

Cambria :

I'm such a sucker for's a timeless and classy pattern. And I like that you made it whimsical mixing it with those darling umbrellas and grey/red.

<3 Cambria

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irene wibowo :

these dress so pretty :)
Irene Wibowo

Kitsune-kun :

oh my word I cannot believe how cute the print of that dress is! and with those boots! sooooc cuuuute!

wardrobeexperience :

this cardigan is so awesome. love it.

Tiff Ima :

I ADORE this outfit! Those umbrellas are so cute. I know how you feel about the rainboots....I really need some.

Tiff Ima

friedenlinde :

So quirky and cute! Pretty dress, pretty cape. I love the fact you are still able to wear your Doc Martens from high school. That's really nice.. I got some as well back then, but mine after wearing every-single-day for years, are no longer wearable, with a hole on the front and all. My grunge days are long gone - but now I found some good substitutes!
Still, I can't say goodbye to my old DocMarten's, I still got it somewhere and they truly are like an old companion.

Lisa Montsion :

Such a beautiful model.