Great Wide Open

Still Alive. Just piled under a seemingly endless pile of papers, writings, and projects. I will return soon with pictures of my almost complete living space in Ann Arbor as well as a giveaway from Unpossible Cuts. Until then, I leave you with a few snaps of a Northern California winter (which is quite lovely compared to the 30 degree Midwest winter that is outside my bedroom window). 


Kati :

Hope your work goes well!
You look so fabulous - love the coat! Have a great day!

MarieStella :

amazing pictures and coat!!
Romwe giveaway on my blog:)

triskelos :

We miss you! I hope you'll have more time for thing that inspire you soon)
The pictures are so pretty!

Dilan Dilir :

amazing look :D

Rebecca :

Happy to see you posting again! You look perfectly at home in your surroundings. That is a great coat.

Monique :

Good luck getting it all done, and stay warm lady!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

It's good to see your face again, I know what you mean about Midwest winters :( Lovely coat and I hope school is going well for you.

Cambria :

Glad you're still alive! Eager for more posts, but def understand the busyness :(

<3 Cambria

A Certain Vintage :

northern California winters look so much prettier than northern irish ones! Gorgeous coat and gorgeous light!

Sarah :

I'm very glad to know you're still alive. I expected that your life would get crazy (the good kind of crazy). Toss us a post now and then and we will survive our withdrawals!

caycelayne :

that first photo is stunning! glad you got a break from the midwest winter and were able to enjoy some pleasant weather!

Cambria :

Eager to see your living space and hear more about the giveaway! I miss your lovely posts. Great jacket there...and wishing I was in the warm sunshine too, since it's -13' in MN today!

<3 Cambria

wardrobeexperience :

into the great wide open, under the skies of blue ... with this post, you made me sing tom petty ...

Kitsune-kun :

so pretty:)