Snow Country

California natives meet Michigan winter. We spent Saturday afternoon walking around Forest Hill Cemetery, enjoying the snow and the warm 20 degree weather (it was -9 last Monday). I am wearing my winter uniform: a puffer jacket, snow boots, hat, and fleece-lined gloves. Unfortunately, there is no room for dresses and heels until Spring.


Brittany PC :

I love your pictures! I am also a California girl who just met winter and could not resist exploring a cemetery just like this about three weeks ago :D

Meghan Elizabeth :

looks like fun. key word, "looks" haha :)

Yellow Blog [design] :

Great pictures! I can see why you had so much fun!

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islabell :

You are the cutest. I miss you xx

islabell :

You are the cutest. I miss you xx

Jamie Rose :

Brr! I'm glad you're keeping warm in your puffer jacket and snow boots!

sweet harvest moon :


Dilan Dilir :

lovely jacket! :)

Kati :

These photos are so pretty!

Have a great day,

Simonas street :
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Simonas street :

I know the problem, I'm just walking around in my warmest jacket, with lot's of clothes underneath. Nothing else is possible. Hopefully it will get warmer soon!

XO, Simona

Cambria :

Aw this looks like so much fun! We had some great snow here in MN on Sunday, but I didn't have my camera :( You're lucky you grabbed these amazing shots!

<3 Cambria