[Un]possible Cuts Giveaway

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unpossible mirror bunny
unpossible zz cat
unpossible cat
unpossible deer
unpossible deer 2
We're pleased to be partnering with [Un]possible Cuts to offer one lucky reader of Hummingbird Girls the lovely Deer necklace featured above. [Un]possible Cuts features a wonderful array of charming necklaces and earrings with quirky themes such as mustached octopuses, owls with glasses and colorful cassette tapes. We love the delicate detailing on every piece, like the sweet heart cutouts on the animal friendly necklaces. [Un]possible cuts uses a variety of natural and colored wood and acrylic materials to create their designs, so there really is something for everyone. And with almost everything in their etsy store costing no more than $20, it's a great place to pick up a Valentine's Day gift for the loved ones in your life. 

To Enter: 
1. Be a follower of Hummingbird Girls and comment below with your favorite item from [Un]possible Cuts Online Shop.


Kati :

The deer necklace is my favourite!


Brittany PC :

My favorite is the Tardis necklace! That is a cute one!

Kitsune-kun :

aaahahaha holy cow that photo of your cat holding the pendant is SO GOOD.

Lieke :

I love those cat and dog photos! It looks like they wear those necklaces all the time :)

It's hard to pick a favourite, but I love the deer necklace (with the Tardis and crow necklaces as a very close second and third)

LindsayK :

I adore the Cat Love necklaces!

Solarride Rivernik :

My fave is Nerd Owl Necklace - Handmade - laser cut

so cute!

Unknown :

My very, very favorite is the California pendant with the heart located in the East Bay. Awwwwwwwww!

Unknown :

Oops and the "unknown" who likes the California necklace is me:


Sabrina :

I ADORE that your using your beautiful pets as models! My absolute favorite is the kitty necklace with the heart. :)

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Lauren :

ooh my favorite is the deer necklace :]

Angelica Ng :

These are SO pretty:


Santina :

I love these photos! So cute!

It's hard to choose just one favorite, but I obviously have to go with the Cat Love necklace! #CrazyCatLady4Life

fatema A :

I love mustache necklace

aliquidlunch :

the anchor necklace is just too charming!

samantha.tedesco :

I love the Señor Octopus!!!!

thank you! :)

Nomad :

So difficult to choose a favourite! I think I'm torn between the deer, dinosaur and unicorn :) x

Twitter @ToastRack

The Braided Bandit :

Your kitty-model sold it so well, I'm going to have to go with the Cat Love Necklace!
:) Hannah

Dawn :

Of course I'm following! The sugar skull earrings have stolen my heart. :)


friedenlinde :

Those are so cute! My fav has to be the cat necklace, of course.
Your models are equally cute! =^.^=

Salvaged Strawberry :

Love them all. Especially the deer and kitty! :) (Follow through GFC!)