Style Sessions: Valentine's Day

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Dinner Date

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Love Letters

This year will be my first Valentine's Day as a married lady. Matthew and I usually keep the day of love pretty low key. Maybe dinner at a restaurant but more likely cooking together at home and maybe catching up on some episodes of Portlandia. While some people may grumble and call it a Hallmark holiday, I can't say I agree. I wouldn't say no to a day committed to heart shaped objects and I wouldn't pass up a box of chocolates and pretty flowers on any day! I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day, no matter what you're doing. 


Carly :

I love your collages, and I hope you have a lovely Valentine's! xxx

Katie Aman :

Oh my, all of these looks are dreamy, but my favorite is the third one! That floral dress is just breathtaking-and what a special cardigan!

Lisa - respect the shoes :

The dress in that first look is super-cute - hope you have a good v-day!

Frances :

They're all so lovely! :) The first dress is my favourite, I've been eyeing it up on modcloth for awhile now.

Monique :

Enjoy your very first Valentines as Mr. and Mrs.

I love these, especially the red and white ensemble with the velvet blazer.

alittlevintagestory :

I love all of these outfits! xx

Lola Wrenn :

so darling. i want to wear all of this. all the time. starting now.


Llara G :

I am swoony-swooning at those dresses! My husband doesn't 'do' Valentine's and, being that he's better than one day of cheese, I just ended up getting down with it. Plus, I'm lazy so it suits me to do something smoochy when we want to rather than making an enforced effort. Gawd, that sounds miserable doesn't it?! It's not, I swear!

Oh, My Darling :

Wow! Everything about this post is Valentine's awesomeness!

Milla :

You're back! How did I miss this!?!? Valentine's day doesn't really feature in our calendar at all, but any excuse to wear a cute frock, right?

HeartsAndCrosses :

This was such a lovely post, I love all your outfits, especially the last it's so cute

A little bit Unique


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kelsey :

those collages are each so perfect! you have such amazing taste.

Wendy :

These outfits are perfect... And, that white dress is beyond beautiful!

Cambria :

I looooooove that red tutu skirt so much. Want. In. My. Closet.

<3 Cambria

Miss Aggie Kwong :

all romantic and cute pieces!
esp love the florals.

I absolutely adore your blog. Your style is great with wonderful pieces.

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Anna G :

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Saeed Zia :

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