Sunday Funday

pendleton jacket
puppy collage
burgundy shorts
cute puppy face
pendleton coat
Photos by Miss Islabell
Jacket-Pendleton :: Sweater-Vintage :: Shorts-Urban Outfitters :: Shoes-Vintage :: Bag-Vintage Coach :: Necklaces-Dear Mina

I have been feeling down for a while... overwhelmed with work, family health issues, and missing Jen something terrible. It was nice to get out of the house on Sunday, which turned out to be so pretty and sunny, especially for a day in February. Isla and I met up for coffee and thrift shopping and some much needed girl time together. Of course we couldn't leave out my darling dog ZZ, who also wanted a day out with the girls. And who could say no to that precious face? 


Kitsune-kun :

how did I not know you have a french bulldog!? I want one soooo bad, they're the cutest! you look so great- love those shorts and shoes. this has been a really downer couple of months for me too- I think I'm experiencing seasonal depression for the worst time and it sucks. hope you feel better and catch some sunshine!

Sabrina T. :

last pic is awesome, love the shoes


Frannie Pantz :

Sometimes getting out and about in the sun with friends is all that you need to take you mind off of things. I love your shorts and your shoes. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Jamie Rose :

Awww ZZ is adorable. That face must definitely help cheer you up! Coffee and thrift shopping sounds like a perfect outing too. I hope you start to feel better soon. I think this time of the year tends to bring a lot of people down, including me, so you're not alone.
Also, I really love your shorts here. They look perfect with the print on your jacket. Great shoes too!


Awee so cute, I love your outfit so much, your doggy is so cute too :)

Meghan Elizabeth :

aww, looking at that little frenchie face...

2ndhandknowledge :

I love posts that include cute dog faces! :)

That jacket is lovely.

2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

grunge-queen :

Great look. The coat and shoes rock, and of course, so does pooch. :)

Hummingbird Girl :

:) beautiful dog :) I really enjoyed your blog :)

Orchid Grey :

Dog envy. We're seriously pining for a french bulldog. Anyway, I feel as if I know how you feel- and it's amazing what a little girl-time can do for your spirits. Glad you had a nice day in the sun, your outfit was perfect!

cayce :

looks like a beautiful day! glad you were able to find some rest and squeeze in a little girl time! such a perfect outfit for a fun day on the town! and your dog is just the cutest!

Laura :

Your shorts are so adorable! I love how you paired them with the black and brown!

Also, your puppy is so cute! I just want to hug him. :)


HeartsAndCrosses :

Love your shorts, you look lovely

A little bit Unique


Cambria :

Everything about this outfit is sublime...I love the burgundy shorts, perfect fit for your lovely legs. And that jacket is such a fantastic pattern and texture!

<3 Cambria

Hattitude :

Hattitude Style Blog

love this outfit. i love seeing the sun poking through and warmer weather outfits. it's darn near freezing here in toronto!

i'm glad you got a little cheer up girls day out. everyone i think gets some form of the winter blues.

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream :

the print of your jacket is beautiful and i love how you paired it with the oxblood red shorts…so chic! <3

♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

wardrobeexperience :

i've never sad this before but ... you awesome jacket matches perfectly your cute little dog! ;)

Ira Kharchenko :

Amazing outfit! So lovely:)

blue roses :

sorry to hear you've been feeling low, hope things get a bit sunnier as spring unfolds... (pun!)

your pup is darling, and i am wildly envious of those shoes, what a find!

geri :

soooooooooo cute. i love those shoessss