Tea Time Attire

Mad Hatter Tea Party
vintage and ray bans
vintage handbag
mad hatter mouse cuff
alice in wonderland
shoes and socks
Photos by : Miss Mousevox
Dress-Vintage :: Bag-Dapper Dan's Vintage :: Sunglasses-Ray Bans :: Shoes-Seychelles :: Socks-Anthro Sale :: Bracelet-Gift

Tea time adventures call for tea time attire and a frilly Alice in Wonderland dress did just the trick. Here are some details of my outfit from Saturday's girls only tea party. Lady like white lace and delicate touches completed this sugar sweet look. It's always fun to have a reason to dress up on the weekends instead of staying in pajamas until noon. I'm so glad that Spring is here! 


Kitsune-kun :


Crystal Lee :

I love your vibrant vintage tea dress! So cute! And the bracelet is so unique. I love to dress up for tea time too.

kiss me quick :

That dress is so damn cute.
I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful shade of blue.


Vanessa, Take only Memories :

I've seen photos of this tea party on a few blogs now and I have to say, I'm quite jealous I couldn't join you ;)
Really lovely dress!

Sammi :

AH that vintage dress is absolutely amazing!!! Beautiful and perfect for tea time :)

xox Sammi

Frannie Pantz :

What a perfect tea time dress! I love this color on you!

Liz Nelums :

too sweet. that little mouse hiding on your wrist is adorable.

where did you have tea? i've seen a couple places in the city I want to try out.


Naomi :

I truly love when people wear socks with heels and a dress!

The Occasional Indulgence

Meghan Elizabeth :

how adorable!

Nancy Wilde :

So lovely! That dress is just adorable :)


Christina Catherine :

The sunglasses are a killer touch! I'm so mad I spaced on it... (having no internet connection for a week is like having amnesia).

See you at the next one.

SomeoneLikeYou :

AH! Truly can't get over this look. Too darling even for words...This dress IS a dream! x♥

alittlevintagestory :

Gorgeous!! Super cute frock, and that little bracelet is adorable!

wardrobeexperience :

this dress is totally cute. the bright turquoise looks great on you!

vintage-reflection.com :

How adorable is your outfit! I love everything about it, this colour on you and these cute little socks! Also I'm really glad your back blogging, I missed it! x

Marlen :

that seriously does look like an Alice in Wonderland dress! And I'm loving the extra frilly touch from the socks. I also love how you girls have tea times- I need to convince my girls to do that too :)

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Laura :

Oh my goodness, your dress is so amazing! I really love the color and it just fits you like a glove!


Christy :

What a perfect outfit for tea with friends; you look so exuberant! I also love your shoes. Seychelles heels always have the best vintage-y details.

A Certain Vintage :

love the mix of traditional and girly with quirkier pieces...just so cute, perfect Saturday fun outfit for sure! xox

Katie Aman :

This is too perfect for words. I think the socks and shoes are my favorite! Plus that blue is so striking on you. Love it!

Milla :

Holy smoke! You look darling.

Monique :

those sun glasses are icing on the cake! love the whole getup.

Snow :

oh my goodness! I am in love with your outfit. alice is my favorite muse!

Jamie Rose :

You look absolutely adorable and perfect! I definitely get an Alice in Wonderland vibe from this outfit! Your sunglasses are the most awesome things ever too.

Imogen :

Absolutely stunning and flawless. A perfect dress and perfect shoes. This is definitely my style.

fashion415 :

I love your blog girl! It was so nice to meet you (again) at the shoot today! I absolutely love your blog and will definitely be following for more amazing vintage!


Laura Lee :

That is the most adorable dress! Lovely blog :)

Christina Pacelli :

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