Spring Awakening

Hello, it's been awhile. Life is good. Winter has almost disappeared, with the beginnings of Spring starting to show. Matthew and I spent last weekend exploring Detroit and finding new places to call our own. We visited the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory on Bell Isle for a tour of flora and fauna, all beautifully maintained in a greenhouse & botanical garden built in 1904. Besides a few days of exploration in the past few months, I have been focusing on work and research development. My lab and I recently contributed an article for Ted Weekend on Huffington Post (here). Despite my busy schedule, the summer should see a return of vintage dresses, sandals, and wicker baskets-some of which will be shared with you. 


Kitsune-kun :

I've been dying to visit somewhere JUST like this! the NYC glass conservatory is ridiculously expensive :(

Eccentric Owl :

What a gorgeous place!

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Wonderful photos! Looks like such a great place!

lola :

Such a beautiful place...

Rachel // Mousevox :

This looks like a lovely place to spend an afternoon. Miss you, miss you, miss you!

Ashley Fauguel :

Looks like an exotic little adventure - lovely! X

Rebecca :

I love conservatories. Spring has been slow to arrive around here too. Congrats on your article and looking forward to more posts.

vintage-reflection.com :

Glad to have you back! This place looks delightful and with so many exciting corners to hide and take photographs in. x

A Certain Vintage :

this looks so similar to the Palm House in our botanic gardens that I did a blog shoot in over Easter. I love the oldy worldy charm of these conservatories and how much warmer they are than outside!

QuickPassTV :

love the pictures

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Constance :

Such beautiful photos... I love greenhouses...

Valentina Duracinsky :

How lovely!

Valentina Duracinsky Blog

Nancy Spitaleri :

Great photos! :)
I'm your new follower on twitter too.
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xoxo Nancy S.

Pardon My Fashion :

These photos are so dreamy. This blog is amazing. <333