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As Jen mentioned in her beautiful apartment post, Matthew and I became parents on January 31st. I can't believe that Leo Jameson is already 5 months old. Cliche as it is, they really do grow up so fast! I've been back at work for the last month and though it's hard to leave him everyday, I will admit that I like being back in a world with adults. All of these photos are from my instagram account, which you're welcome to follow if you don't mind being bombarded with photos of my little dude. @annahummingbirdgirl  

As a mom, vintage isn't quite as practical for everyday wear. I'm working on selling off my huge collection, much of which has been photographed for this blog. If there was something you especially loved, let me know and I can give you a price. 

There are so many "mommy blogs" out there that are full of inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites: 
Baby Foode - Run by one of my friends, Michele creates amazing baby food recipes to inspire adventurous eating.  Leo has just started eating "solid food" and I can't wait to try out some of her recipes. 
Bleubird - I've been reading Miss James blog for years, long before I started working on my own family. I love the photos of her beautiful family and home life. 
This Little Street - I don't know if this counts as a "mommy blog" but I love it none the less and since Audrey just had another baby in May I decided to include it. 
I'm also excited for some of my favorite vintage bloggers that have just had babies, or are just about to meet their little ones! Congratulations! 
 Erin from Calivintage
 Megan from Sock Monkey and Gee
 Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage 


Frannie Pantz :

Aw what a cutie! I've missed you blogging! Congrats so much! I just had my fourth baby (a boy) on May 5. It is amazing isn't it?

Rachel // Mousevox :

That picture of Leo & Matt has to be one of my favorites. They have the same adorable smirk!

jazz :

so thanks to the child ,you guys retired from blogging?

vintage-reflection.com :

Baby Leo is super cute! What a lovely little family you are!

Milla :

Oh my gosh! Congratulations!

Monique :

Congrats Annalise little Leo is such a cutie pie! Ah, I know that bittersweet feeling of going back to work too. S From your pins way back I suspected maybe there was a baby :) So happy for you two.

Eccentric Owl :

Oh, what an adorable little munchkin he is! It's funny, my friends recently had a little boy and named him Jameson; I'd never heard that name before.
I wish wearing vintage was easier as a mommy! I've been trying to work it into my wardrobe practically (breastfeeding makes it difficult), too. It's sad to let pieces go!

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