Vintage Sale

Hi Hummingbird Girls readers! Annalise here, sorry for the radio silence. Life gets busy, you know? I'm planning on updating more, starting right now. I moved to Portland, Oregon with the hubs and baby to be closer to my sister and spend more time on the things that really matter to me. No more corporate job. (No more security. Eek!) I've been working on photographing and listing our huge collection of vintage over on etsy. There's a few gems that you have seen here on the blog, as well as a boat load of new fabulous finds. Here's a little taste of what's for sale, so check it out! MOM and POP Shoppe 

woven booties 1
denim vest and tribal print skirt
ceramic cups
southwest blazer 2
geo belt 1
goth skirt 3
70s chambray dress